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Regenerating tissues with the use of our own blood: the PRF 


Accelerating the regeneration of our tissues or getting them to cicratrise at a higher speed seems a matter of science fiction, but the truth is that it is already a reality, and quite widespread.

There is a booming technique that accomplishes the above using an abundant and easily obtainable material: our own blood. Or to be more precise, the platelets with high levels in proteins that are in the blood.

There are many branches of medicine that today use plasma-rich growth factors, also known as PRF. From aesthetic medicine, traumato-logy, dermatology, orthopedics to dentistry. The technique is so simple that it can be done at an ambulatory level, always by qualified professionals: a small amount of blood is extracted from the patient and it is then centrifuged to isolate the platelets.

Among them, those with higher levels of proteins are separated to apply them in a damaged tissue. The best thing about this technique is that we will be using an autologous material, that is, produced by the patient himself.

It is the same healing process that our body performs when we have a wound. Platelets generate growth factors with anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties that stimulate our cells to act. Quite simply, a process of nature is copied.

The surgeon Víctor Cubillo, medical director of the Artedental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz, has been one of the pioneers of its use in Spain, as well as researcher and defender of the PRF.

He explains that in dentistry, PRF “is used as a complement for healing after implant placement, for bone grafting or breast lift operations, one of the most complex in today’s dentistry.”

This technique has been practised in Artedental for several years, with excellent results.

“What better regenerative material could we use than the one that our own body makes?” he explains.

“Thanks to the use of plasma, we have achieved a shorter period in patient recovery, in addition to a greater guarantee of soli-dification and strengthening of dental pieces, a leap in modern dentistry,” he adds.

And this is just one exam-ple. In orthopedics, for example, the PRF is successfully applied to fractures and reconstructions of tendons and ligaments. In fact, its use is popularised when elite athletes begin to use the PRF directly in their injured areas.

In vascular medicine, it is used in the treatment of ulcers, reducing by up to one third the healing time. In oph-thalmology, in corneal ulcers; and in gynaecology, for the healing of cesarean sections. In aesthetic medicine with scars, wrinkles and furrows, to restore skin vitality and increase the thickness of the skin until a facial rejuvenation.

In fact Artedental also use it as part of aesthetic medicine services that complement those of dentistry, as in the embellishment of the smile.

However, for some experts, when poorly applied, it gives no results.

In Artedental, every time this material is used, a protocol is implemented that relies on the work of an entire team.

“Everything works like a perfect gear,” explains Guillermo Garcia, PhD in Pharmacy, as well as a clinical analyst.

He is a collaborator of the clinic, where he goes to perform the extractions and to anaylse the patients to whom the plasma is going to be applied.

He evaluates the necessary parameters, such as the level of platelets, coagulation factors or the identification of anemia.

“In Artedental we offer a complete service. Extraction, analytical and specific treatment, either implants or sinus lift, “concludes Amaya Sáez, manager of the clinic.