|Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Fancy a snack? Try a cactus burger! 

A new cactus burger is causing quite a stir in Lanzarote as it becomes the first snack of its kind in Spain.

This original and innovative gastronomic proposal made from local products can be tasted, appropriately enough, in the Garden of Cactus.

The idea originates from the Cabildo’s Centres of Art, Tourism and Culture and fuses the star product of American fast food with the culinary use of the plant.

The end result is a dish, exotic and rich, and loaded with beneficial properties for the body: a cactus burger in tomato bread, goat yogurt sauce with smoked cheese and arugula, made from ingredients one hundred per cent of Lanzarote origin. And all to be enjoyed in the most fitting of environments surro-unded by cacti.

“We have incorporated this culinary delight because we firmly believe that this readaptation of a traditional culture to the contemporary contributes to guarantee a full and memorable experience for all the senses for the visitor to the Garden of Cactus,” says the tourism advisor of the Cabildo of Lanzarote, Echedey Eugenio. “It also adds value to the island’s primary sector.”

The use of cacti in the diet goes back to pre-Columbian times and was even known in the days of the Aztecs.

Cactus helps stabilise blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, cleans blood vessels and the colon, protects the liver, softens the stomach, promotes the feeling of being full and reduces hangovers!

The cactus burger is suitable for vegetarians, celiac in its version without bread, and suitable for those intolerant to lactose, eggs and nuts.

In short, the new hamburger is “healthy, sustainable, functional, different and innovative.”