|Thursday, October 21, 2021
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The amazing story of how Baba Lena recovered her smile through Artedental 

The most famous travelling grandmother in the world visited Tenerife recently to recover her smile.

The nonagenarian Elena Erkhova, better known as “Baba Lena” (“Grandma Lena” in Russian), rose to fame in November 2016, when a fellow countrywoman found her in Vietnam, at the age of 89, travelling alone and posted it on the internet to tell her story.

The post reached such an impact that media around the world echoed the news and the travelling grandmother became a viral phenomenon in social networks. Today, she has more than 30,000 followers on Instagram and more than 3,000 on Facebook.

Baba Lena has been saving money from her pension since she was 90 years old. She has visited Vietnam, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Thailand and the Dominican Republic among other countries, but she had never travelled to Spain.

Amaya Sáez, director of the Artedental clinic in Puerto, met the travelling grandmother and fell in love with her. Instantly she realised that even though she kept her childish spirit and was always smiling, she had no teeth. It was then that she decided to invite her to the island to provide her with smile rehab treatment and add a new destination to her travel notebook: Tenerife.

The director of Artedental fulfilled this wish and brought Baba Lena to the island from April 23rd to 29th to recover her smile and improve her dental quality.

During her visit, Dr. Víctor Cubillo performed a rehabilitation treatment in the same clinic with two removable complete dentures. The result has been a perfectly ergo-nomic prosthesis, characteri-sed both in the gums and teeth, thanks to the most efficient techniques and processes and each of the necessary tests to obtain an excellent adjustment of the same in a personalised way.

Baba Lena, who until then could barely eat and suffered numerous problems in chewing hard foods especially, was completely satisfied and left the island happy because at last she had a complete and exactly adapted denture, made by one of the best prosthetic teams from Spain, led by Volker Samrei and Fernando Grifón.

But in addition to fixing her smile, Baba Lena had time to visit places as symbolic as the Teide, the market of Santa Cruz, La Laguna and the beach of Las Teresitas where she enjoyed a tempting dip because she loves the sea. The endearing as much as she is famous nonagenarian did not go unnoticed on the island and even received a greeting from the King and Queen of Spain praising her ability to over-come adversity.

The world’s most famous travelling grandmother, who worked as a child in the Siberian countryside and managed to survive during World War II, left the island very grateful to Artedental and all the people who made it possible for her to fulfill two of her dreams: the world and being able to eat.

Today she confesses to being proud of her daughter and her two granddaughters and has promised to return to visit real estate.

Because now, she has one more dream: to buy a house in Tenerife. AQccording to her, both the island and its inhabitants have so much charm that she has no words to express her satisfaction.