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Ten years of success for pioneering El Madroñal veterinary hospital 

Ten years of success in south Tenerife has not dented the enthusiasm, care, passion or ambition of the El Madroñal veterinary hospital in Costa Adeje.

In fact, the vet who established the centre, director Roberto Porto is still full of ideas to help people’s much-loved pets and, you may be surprised to hear, other vets as well.

As the tenth anniversary approaches in June, one of his aims is to introduce a veterinary ambulance which could go out to owners’ homes and also be used by other clinics in the south.

In fact, collaboration is very much a theme of the El Madroñal veterinary hospital which is now one of the biggest practices in the south.

During a break from appointments, Roberto tells me about the expertise his vets can offer and the specialists they can call on. This is something he is keen to share with other vets in other clinics. If they need help, then it is available, all in the interests of enhancing, improving and saving the lives of domestic animals which are part of people’s treasured families.

Roberto has been a vet for 20 years and has worked both in the UK and in Italy and Barcelona.

His hugely successful veterinary hospital has many British clients and it is a major bonus for them that he speaks perfect English. Italian is also spoken at the practice as well as Spanish, of course.

The veterinary hospital is exactly that, a hospital as opposed to a normal clinic. This is because it offers an invaluable out of hours emergency service which means that there is ALWAYS a vet on hand at the premises, 24 hours, to look after any animals in their care or to deal with emergencies. Roberto is always available if he is called out to help with surgery, for instance, and you do not have to be an existing client to call for help.

There are now eight vets at the hospital and each has developed their own area of expertise, such as with exotic pets like parrots or iguanas.

The hospital can also call on four specialists in fields such as oncology, ophthamology and dentistry among others.

Roberto is aware that expansion and success over the last few years could be perceived as having some negative effects such as a lack of an intimate atmosphere or caring nature. Nothing could be further from the truth.

He says people and their pets always come first and the expansion has actually helped in this quest because they have more specialists, better facilities and the most updated technology and state of the art equipment, much of it very expensive!

Despite the reputation Spain has in some aspects of animal treatment, Roberto says he is very pleased with how most people look after their pets because he knows they are regarded as part of their family and they only want the best for them. He has definitely seen a change in attitudes over recent years

However, expertise also comes at a price and just like private medical care, veterinary treatment does not come cheap.

Nevertheless, because the veterinary centre has expanded, with the vets on the spot rather than having to be called out from afar, Roberto has managed to decrease rather than increase prices.

Even so, emergency treatment, for instance, can mean a lot of expense for the owner so Roberto feels the right way forward is for people to take out pet insurance as a must.

In any event, all costs and what is needed are fully explained to the client so there are no unexpected surprises at the end.

The centre offers every-thing from hospitalisation, surgery, laboratory, Xrays and ultra-sound to endoscopy and ECG physiotherapy. Remember, this is not just for cats and dogs but for all other small domestic ani-mals as well.

The shop also sells premium accessories and pet food, with the receptionists fully trained in nutrition.

The El Madroñal veterinary hospital is, as its name suggests, in the El Madroñal area of Costa Adeje which is the lovely residential area behind the Gran Sur shopping centre. It is about five minutes’ drive from here, to the left of the area as you look up the hill and near the new Costa Adeje college.

There is always parking outside or a stone’s throw away and a sunny terrace on which to sit whilst you are waiting for your appoint-ment.

Roberto and his team are very proud of what they can offer and believe very much in their slogan “The best place in the south of Tenerife for the care of your pets.”

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C/ El Sauce, 3 Urb El Madroñal, Adeje
Tel: 922 713 987
Monday – Friday: 9am to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm