|Monday, July 26, 2021
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San Miguel de Abona pledges continued crackdown on vandalism and crime 

San Miguel de Abona has pledged to crackdown on vandalism and violence in the municipality even though figures show both are on the decline.

The statistics of the Government Subdelegation were presented at the last meeting of the Local Security Board.

They showed a decrease in vandalism in the southern municipality but the Mayor and the councillor of security, Arturo González and Dora González, respectively, affirmed that they will continue working in coordination with the Civil Guard to continue this trend.

The decrease in crime rates has been attributed to the ongoing coordinated work between the Local Police of San Miguel de Abona and the post of the Civil Guard of Granadilla de Abona.

The Mayor said San Miguel de Abona was a safe municipality but “we must continue in this line so that less and less vandalism and violence. “

“The objective is to implement as many preventive and security actions as possible to continue this trend, more so because San Miguel de Abona has a high population, an important agricultural activity and business, as well as a relevant tourist destination on the island, ” he said.

The meeting also served to coordinate the diverse events that will take place in the municipality during the next months, such as concerts, local festivals and pilgrimages, among others.