|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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I’m Travelling alone by Samuel Bjork 

page 45 I'm Travelling

Oslo detectives Holger Munch, a math nerd who dotes on his six-year-old granddaughter, and Mia Krüger, a brilliant profiler are on the trail of a murderer, whose first victim, a six-year-old girl, was found hanging from a tree by a jump rope, perfectly bathed and groomed, dressed in doll’s clothing, with an airline tag around her neck saying “I’m traveling Alone.” Similar killings follow. Munch and Krüger realize that they’re dealing with a resourceful perpetrator who plans meticulously and seems always to be a step ahead of them. But when Munch’s own six-year-old granddaughter goes missing, Mia realizes that the killer’s sinister game is personal, and I’m Traveling Alone races to an explosive—and shocking—conclusion.