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Craftsmen in one of the most important technological fairs in the world 

Between March 21st and 25th, the largest dental fair in the world was held in Cologne, Germany, specially designed for dentists and dentists.

The International Dental Show (IDS) is held every year alternatively in Cologne and Chicago, and it presents the latest trends, yet to come to market. The resounding success defines it: this year, more than 2,000 exhibitors from almost 60 countries took part and more than 155,000 visitors passed through.

There is a remarkable aspect that characterises this event. It would be as if at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show (CES), a leading show in technology, where inventions are launched such as smart glasses or the latest models in mobile phones, there are also certified watch-makers certified by the Geneva seal . This stamp is a distinction for the high-end watches, destined to pieces manufactured by hand that by their precision, engineering and design turns them into luxury articles.

In the case of the IDS, professionals in dentistry are presented with products like 3D printers capable of creating 400 orthotic splints (invisible clear aligner molds) a day; dental lasers replacing the classic lathes or drills; oral bacteria through the breath; biocompatible materials to replace metal in removable dentures; or the latest in CAD / CAM scanners and milling machines, which design prostheses in a digital way and mechanise their subsequent milling from the computer, precisely in the manufacture of dentures or dental pieces, claiming their role as craftsman, Swiss watchmakers of industry : Dental technicians.

Aware of the work of this guild, the IDS is also designed for the best dental technicians in the world, among them the Dental Technicians Guild (DTG). Its members could be consi-dered the Rolling Stone of the sector, because only the best are part of it and the relationship between them could not be more distended.

This group of “artisans” defines itself by defending the manual work, delicate, in detail and personalised; and its mission is to share techni-ques and knowledge. As if they were sculptors, these profe-ssionals restore dentures or individual pieces by hand, taking into account all the aesthetic and functional characteristics of each patient.

“We stand for specialty handmade aesthetic dental restorations”, says its founder, Von Grow, who was present at the fair.

Precisely a DTG, a prosthetic in Tenerife of the clinic Artedental, in Puerto de la Cruz, was invited this year by the group to do a live demonstration before dozens of professionals.

Fernando Cabeza (or Fer Griffón, as he is known) is recognised and admired among his colleagues, something that became palpable in the fair and something of which he was very proud of after his visit.

“The recognition I’ve found among my fellow DTGs has impressed me,” he admits.

Fernando Cabeza gave a demonstration of “what he does daily in Artedental, to manufacture a denture with a titanium structure using composite”.

Víctor Cubillo, medical director of the clinic, who also attended the fair, says that “composite is a material with fantastic physical properties not only in terms of strength but also aesthetics (very similar to that of natural teeth) , tonalities and texture, which is easily handled.

The task of Artedental’s prosthetic consisted of molding and characterising the composite, intercalating sheets and mixing different colours to obtain the desired tone, just like a sculptor or a painter. The work is of such precision that it not only echoes that of the artists, but also of the Swiss watch-makers, since every detail is taken care of delicately, and every piece takes centre stage in its manufacture, like the pieces of an instrument with the seal of Geneva .

The majority of DTG pre-ent at the fair, as well as those interested and professionals, howed their admiration for the work of Fernando Cabeza. For them, there is no anachronism. They know that their role in the industry is fundamental, because no machine can treat a prosthesis as a unique piece of art. Hence his leading role in the most important dental fair in the world.