|Monday, July 26, 2021
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Public urged to help keep Granadilla municipality clean or face fines 

Residents and visitors of Granadilla de Abona have been alerted to a major new clean-up campaign in the municipality.

They are being asked to collaborate in the project and voluntarily clean-up after them ie picking up dog litter, not dropping refuse in the street and so on.

If not, they could be fined between 30 and 3,000 euros depending on the seriousness of the offence.

“Granadilla más limpia” (“A cleaner Granadilla”) is involving around 2,000 volun-teers and 100 posters which are being distributed aound the municipality.

The most recent clean-up was in El Médano, which started at 6am and continued to noon through the main streets. This operation will continue during March and is part of the overall campaign.

The mayor, José Domingo Regalado González, said this initiative has started on the coast, specifically in El Medano, as it is an area of special sensitivity for residents and visitors, and then it will move to the different population centres, progressively and taking into account the specificities of each zone.

“We work for a Granadilla de Abona that advances in awareness. This will result in the quality of life and social welfare of all, so we ask for involvement and collaboration of all, “he says.

President of Sermugran and councillor for general services, Marcos González Alonso, confirmed these cleaning tasks will continue in other areas of El Medano throughout March.

It was, he said, a compre-hensive plan, not only of an informational nature, and with sanctions in case of breach of municipal ordinance, but important cleaning actions will be carried out “for which the assistance of the general po-pulation is needed because it is the work of all to ensure that our municipality is clean “.

The sanctions are in the form of fines of 30 to 100 euros (minor infractions); from € 100 and up to 500 euros (serious infringements) and from 500 euros and up to 3,000 euros (very serious infringements).

Clean-up advice includes pouring water over the spot where your dog passes urine, always put trash bags inside containers, pick up cigarette butts and other rubbish, including from the beaches, look after and respect street furniture and playgrounds and don’t throw your chewing gum on the floor. Put it in a bin!