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Make sure your tattoo doesn’t have a sting in the tail and head for Scorpion in Los Cristianos 

Living in a sunny climate like Tenerife, it’s much easier to see how popular tattoos are today.

The warm weather allows people to go out and about in their shorts, with or without tops, or frolick on the beach in swimming trunks and bikinis.

Tattoos, let’s face it, are everywhere. On backs and shoulders, ankles and wrists, hips and necks and several other places not on show to the general public!

It’s not just men, either. These days, it’s very common to see women of all ages with tattoos. In fact, it’s a bit of a standing joke that ladies of a certain age suddenly get the urge to have a tattoo! A butterfly is particularly popular.

What you will also hear about, however, is the tattoos which can go wrong, the ones which lead to an infection or have been botched up. Fans of Coronation Street will have seen that just recently.

That is why you need to go to an expert, someone like experienced tattooist David, owner of Scorpion Tattoo Tenerife which has its salon in the heart of Los Cristianos.

He takes his art very seriously and hopes people will remember that a tattoo is invariably for life although it is now more possible (though expensive and painful) to have one removed. It therefore might be a good idea to really consider what you want and whether a tattoo declaring your love for a certain person might not be the best option. Perhaps your favourite football club might be a better choice!

To help you decide, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of designs available to peruse at Scorpion. They are in books but also on the walls, including stencils already used by David. Alternatively, of course, you can come up with a design of your own or show David a picture.

Whilst in the salon recently, one Spanish lady came in with an idea on her mobile phone and I saw both of them nodding and smiling. Appoint-ment made!

Tattoos of favourite dogs are always popular as are images of offspring when they are babies or toddlers. Cryptic messages in different scripts are also top of the list but do make sure you get the meaning and spelling absolutely correct.

David has been in the tattoo business for 24 years and has been running the shop in Los Cristianos for five years. Many of his clients return time and time again because of the popularity of having what is known as “full sleeves” ie the whole arm covered like David Beckham or many of our top footballers.

Tattooist David has worked in locations such as Finland and London and runs a salon which is pristine clean as it should be.

He says all sorts of tattoos are popular, including Japanese designs and dragons and they can be created in black and white or colour. The cost obviously differs.

One thing you should look at before making your final decision is the pain chart which I found very interesting. It shows the human body and different coloured blobs relating to various parts which can take a tattoo, including intimate places.

The chart goes from least painful (such as the upper arm or ankle) to painful (lips, ears, lower wrist) so you can take it as read that having a tattoo and pain do go hand in hand.

Pain threshold, however, differs from person to person so don’t take it as gospel. Some people say it didn’t hurt, others beg to disagree!

Remember, you do need written parental or guardian permission to have a tattoo if you are under the age of 18 and as a responsible tattoo artist, David will hold you to this. It’s probably also better not to decide to have a tattoo if you have had a little bit too much to drink. Think about it first!

The price of tattoos at the salon varies enormously depending on what you want. It takes about 30 minutes for a small tattoo but as long as seven or eight hours for a more complex one. In this case, David likes to work in phases to suit both himself and the client. The whole process can be very tiring.

A black and white tattoo starts at about 50 euros, a coloured one for 60 euros. However, these costs are just the starting point but you can tailor what you want to your budget.

Although the salon is in the centre of Los Cristianos, it’s not visible from the street although very easy to find once you know where it is.

Scorpion is within the commercial centre Reveron. The best way to find it is to walk down the shopping road calle Los Playeros. That is sandwiched between the two petrol stations if you were walking along the road heading to the little white church.

You will see the cake shop Croquant on your left. Keep on the right and you will find the steps down to some shops and the studio after a few minutes. It is near the Santander Bank and opposite the Reveron hotel but before you cross the road to the white church. Hopefully these directions will help.

David does speak enough English to discuss things with you. You can pop in or ring on 922 789 836 or 637 391 804 or email on scorpiontattoo@hotmail.com

The studio also carries out piercings and permanent make-up and again, there are lots of examples of what you can have done and the costs