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Fast, removable and transparent orthodontics: a novel treatment 

Fast, removable and transparent orthodontics. In Artedental, this is possible.

A Spanish company has managed to reduce the time of aesthetic orthodontics by combining the removable splints with the power of fixed appliances.

In Tenerife, only ten clinics use this system. The Arteden-tal team, the first clinic in the Canary Islands to use it, highlights among its advantages the speed and aesthetics achieved in the same product, in addition to its attractive price.

Why does a person in adulthood decide to put on braces of the metal variety? It is not a short, aesthetic or pleasurable treatment, but the results are “worth it”, or at least that is what those who have decided to take them say.

Rosa Coello, a resident of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for example, took the traditional steel brackets for two and a half years, and says she is “very happy” because her teeth are now “perfect”.

However, she points out that it was not an easy process. Once a month, she had to undergo a check to adjust the devices, which caused her pain and discomfort for a week. One week a month for two and a half years! And that without counting the limitations with food, no hard food hard or anything which could get caught in the device. And, of course, the aesthetic disadvantage.

When asked about the removable invisible orthodontics, she says she would have liked to wear them, although the price and the fact that it was more prolonged led her to choose the traditional brackets.

But what if she could have had a transparent orthodontic, which could be extracted for eating, brushing her teeth and even for meetings or interviews for the same price and time as her treatment? She did not doubt it, she would have opted for it.

This is what the company Geniova Technologies achieved just two years ago and is revolutionising the market. Geniova, The Fast Aligner, is a system that combines the power of the brackets with the dental (removable) splints in a device characterised by being “hybrid” and individua-lised. This novel treatment is hardly practised in the Canary Islands. Only ten clinics use it in Tenerife, and six in Las Palmas.

Artedental, a clinic specialising in dental implants and known for its research in this field, was the first to imple-ment this system in the Islands. Sonsoles Pérez Tamajón, an orthodontist at the clinic, said that they started using it in Artedental shortly after its launch in Madrid, after checking its advantages.

“The apparatus consists of transparent copings joined by a nickel-titanium arc. This arch allows the tension to be distributed throughout the splint, conferring the power of the traditional brackets. In addition, the splint is fractioned so that the movement occurs in the teeth that need rectification and not in the rest. Both characteristics are what make it so fast, ” explains Dr. Pérez Tamajón. “The device can be removed for periods of two hours a day, as long as the patient takes an average of between 16 and 18 hours.”

The advantage in this case is significant: “Imagine you have a dinner with friends, or an important meeting. You can do without the device. You can also take it off to eat and clean it, and it does not alter hygiene habits. “While it does carry some discomfort, it is much less painful than traditional appliances. While these have edges, the Geniova system has applied a lobed design, which reduces the discomfort of patients. “

Óscar Cubillo decided on this treatment after evaluating other options. “I was surprised when I had it in my hands for the first time, because it is not exactly ‘invisible’. However, once placed in the mouth, the fact that it is transparent made it mimic my teeth very well and virtually unnoticed.

With regard to hygiene, he points out that the only disorder is “always carry a toothbrush with you”.

According to the Artedental doctor, it is necessary to take an average of 6 to 12 months, depending on the case, which makes it the shortest removable aesthetic orthodontic treatment on the market. A traditional bracket treatment lasts an average of 24 months, and the removable splints between 15 and 18 months. In the case of splints, the tooth moves an average of 0.5 millimeters per month. With Geniova, the movement accelerates to 1 and 1.5 millimeters during the same period. “It is a perfect treat-ment for adults with a correct posterior bite and anomalies in the front,” specifies the orthodontist.

Another feature of Geniova is that you can see the result before you start the process. With a panoramic x-ray and photos of the face and the inside of the mouth, a virtual 3D model is generated whe-re the patient observes the movements that will make his teeth and their final position.

“It’s not an image of before and after, it’s much more than that, which certainly surprises and ends convincing patients,” says Dr. Pérez Tamajón. He adds that the cost can be “a third lower than that of traditional removable and invisible orthodontics, which makes it a much more attracti-ve product at the consumer level.”

When asking Oscar Cúbillo what made him decide for an orthodontic treatment at a mature age, he is clear. “The teeth never stop moving, and I already had them in a very aesthetic position. I did not want to wear any traditional gadgets at all, so once the doctor from Artedental told me the advantages of Geniova, I did not hesitate. Speed, aesthetics and price seemed to me reason enough to decide. “

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