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Artedental, a meeeting poitn between cultures 

For this dental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz, with a large influx of foreign patients, it is extremely important to have professionals who know the singularities of their clients, from anywhere in the world.

For this reason, the clinic spends much of its resources on fostering diversity among its professionals.

If anything characterises German culture, it is their commitment to organisation and planning. Discipline and neatness are also values of which the Germans are particularly proud.

These characteristics are present in any area of life in the Nordic country, from the organisation of a bakery to that of a dental clinic. The effort plays an important role in all this, which makes them stand out among the rest of European countries.

On the other hand in Spain, the fact of having been a meeting point of different cultures of Europe, Africa and America has allowed it to develop a peculiar diversity in which closeness and joy lead their idiosyncrasy.

One of the consequences derived from the German traditions is excessive formality, sometimes described by outsiders as “coldness”. In Spain, its culture has led to the popular stereotype that describes its inhabitants as “laid-back” and “party lovers. One could say that in the combination of both cultures one could find perfection, if such a thing exists, or at least an interesting intermediate point.

If Artedental is characterised by something, it is the combination of both expressions. This dental clinic located in Puerto de la Cruz has professionals of both nationalities, and their common language is usually English.

The laboratory, led by a German technician and another from Cadiz, stands out for the rapidity in having prosthetics and crowns ready, taking care of every detail and looking for excellence in everything they create. In the clinic, the variety of doctors and auxiliaries of both countries also achieves that combination of Spanish joy with the strictest German organisation, which makes this clinic a more than interesting proposition.

It is precisely this year that Artedental will meet 14 trainees from Germany who intend to enrich their professional experience in a foreign country. Among them are Jenny Fernanda Rocha, a Colombian living in Germany; and Veronika Korosidou, of Greek origin and also resident in Germany. Both young people have spent several weeks in Artedental as an assistant to Dr. Victor Cubillo, medical director of the clinic.

Both Jenny and Veronika emigrated to Germany in search of job and economic stability, and have significantly improved their quality of life.

“The methodology is different here than in Germany,” explains Jenny “The relationship with colleagues, auxiliaries or patients is closer in Artedental, while in Germany they are much stricter. For example, appoint-ments with patients have a start and end time, and are not exceeded. “

“The deal with the doctors is really formal in Germany,” continues Jenny, “and everything is dealt with directly. In Artedental, doctors do not show their anger at a professional in a lower position, and you can talk to them directly.

It is a symbiotic relationship. The Artedental team is always ready to receive professionals who promote and develop the multiculturalism that a clinic with these particularities needs, and also introduces future professionals in the sector to techniques, systems and values different from those found in their countries of residence.

 The fact that Artedental is a pioneer in techniques such as the iRaise system, which makes one of the most painful and complex inter-ventions in today’s dentistry, sinus lift, a painless and minimally invasive technique; as well as having created and patented their own prosthetic system that today is reproduced all over Europe, ArtOn4 ™, able to provide the patient with the definitive prosthesis only 12 hours after the placement of the implants, make this clinic a target more than attractive for students who want to complete their training abroad.

Also, this encounter between cultures, as well as its commitment to research and cuttingedge tecniques istinguishes the clinic as having an important portfolio of domestic and foreign clients, especially British and German.

For more information: www.artedentalclinic.com