|Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Are you brokerless? 

Sometimes people think that by using a broker for insurance that it may cost more money.
There is however, no reason why this should be the case. Like with everything in this world, one is free to shop around for the best price whatever the purchase may be, but with insurance, you need to think further than the cost.

In Spain, there are not any English comparison sites, unlike the UK, where there are many, each competing for business, with a bombardment of comical TV adver-tising. Here it’s a little subtler. Of course, we do have those that work solely by telephone, where you get your quote for say, car insurance, and everything thereafter is then done by post or perhaps email. This, of course is very impersonal and may be mistakes could creep in. Also, you never to get to meet the person or the company selling you the insurance and, by telephone, it’s never quite the same.

With Liberty Seguros, however, it’s a different and pleasant kettle of fish. They have over 300 brokers, many of which have dedicated employees to look after expatriates and in most cases always speak your language, especially English but also other European languages too, including Dutch, German and Scandinavian. By visiting your nearest Liberty broker, and there’s sure to be one near you, it’s much more friendly and personal. You can pop into a nice warm office; perhaps have a coffee; sit down face to face with a dedicated and professional insurance advisor, who can answer any questions you may have about many different types of insurance. They will also be as transparent as possible so that you’re not surprised after you’ve contracted your insurance.

Liberty provides insurance for car, home, life, pet, business and commercial, leisure like golf, marine, and personal injury; almost anything you want under one roof without you having the need to maintain correspondence from several other companies and deal with lots of renewals year on year.

Liberty’s advertising carries the slogan ‘The Expats Number 1 Choice’ and with over 175,000 expat clients in Spain, you can perhaps see why!

Liberty Seguros can be contacted by telephone on 902 255 258 for the name of your nearest broker or agent, or visit www.libertyexpatriates.es for more information on all the insurances they offer.

Don’t be ‘brokerless’, a friend in need is a friend indeed!