|Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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All the news from Cats’ Protection Tenerife 

When people think about adding a cat to their lives, they automatically think “kitten.” A kitten seems to make perfect sense, a little fluffball who’ll grow into your household and your heart. For some people, though, an adult cat is a better option.

Everyone loves kittens!

Maybe it’s those large eyes, their oversized ears or playfulness that everyone loves. Kittens can be a lot of work and expense though. Injections, neutering, microc-hiping, they all add up to a lot of expense in the first year. Then there’s the training, from the litter tray to helping your kitten learn to stay off the kitchen worktops. You also need to either kitten-proof your home or spend months picking your little baby off the curtains, off the kids, off the back of the sofa, or off your slippers.

Kittens are fragile and may accidentally be hurt by young children who don’t understand the concept of “gentle.” Similarly, a kitten isn’t the best choice for anyone who’s a little unsteady on their feet or isn’t able to chase or otherwise keep up with an energetic feline baby.

On the other hand, a kitten can be perfect for a family with older, more responsible children, or a source of delightful amusement to an active older adult. You just need to look carefully at your living situation and consider the problems and pleasures a kitten will bring.

Adult cat considerations

Adult cats offer some compelling advantages and few disadvantages. If you adopt an adult cat, you know exactly what you’re getting. Laid-back or active, quiet or vocal, cuddly or demanding, an adult cat has already settled into his own persona. If you want to make sure that you’re getting, say, a mellow pet, choose a cat beyond the ants-in-his-pants kitten stage. An adult cat’s personality may be set, but his affections aren’t. Adult cats bond with you just as tightly as a kitten does.

Through us all adult cats have been neutered, vaccinated and have a microchip free of charge so they are definitely the cheaper option and they go on trial so you can be sure you’ve made the right decision. Most people still choose a kitten over a cat; such is the power of packaging. Look at kittens, of course, but check out the cats, too. Strike a blow against ageism!

Molly needs a home.

Molly is a beautiful black young adult who was abandoned last year when her owners left the island. We need a kind caring home for her. She’s frightened at first with new people but she settles when shown love and attention.

To ask questions or meet her with no obligation ring or whatsapp Maria on 646629129 (7 days a week 9.00 – 18.00), message us on Facebook or contact us from our website www.cats-welfaretener-ife.com. All our adult cats awaiting adoption can be seen on our website at www.cats-welfare-tenerife.com/pets.

Designer Sale

This event takes place on 26th February at the Palms Bar, Golf del Sur from noon until 6pm. Dresses, tops, suits, shoes etc. for women, men, children and babies, so something for everyone. Gucci, Coast, Monsoon, Yves, Saint Laurent, see you there.

New and improved shop

We’ve made big changes to our shop, we think you’ll like them. Even more chances to find a bargain. Something to donate? Items can be dropped into the shop on San Blas in Golf del Sur (Behind Hiperdino). It is open seven days a week 10.00 until 18.00 but on Saturdays is open from 10.00 until 16.00. If you don’t have transport or have large bulky items such as furniture and household effects to donate, please ring Mark on 636590557 and he will arrange collection from you.