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Out of my depth by  Anne Darwin with David Leigh 

PAGE 45 out of my

When Anne Darwin told the world – and her family – that her husband, John, had disappeared while canoeing in the North Sea, her life changed forever. She lied to the police, the press, her friends and neighbours, insurance com-panies and her own sons. While her husband hid in their rental house next door, Anne had to face the music. Now, for the first time, Anne opens up about an ex-traordinary chain of events: her decision to take part in her husband’s hare-brained scheme; her life and marriage before, during and after the crime spectacularly revealed; her harrowing time behind bars and the runaway train of deceit and guilt that followed their plan.

Anne’s fee for this book goes to the RSPCA and the RNLI.

David Leigh won the Press Club’s Scoop of the Year award and the National Association of Press Agencies’ news story of the year for uncovering the crime and his reporting on John Darwin ‘Canoe Man’.