|Monday, July 26, 2021
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Old hospital on La Gomera to be demolished 

Details have been presented of a new 1.9 million euro project to demolish the old hospital on La Gomera.

Island president, Casimiro Curbelo says the site will house a new socio-health centre and biosaludable park. A new access wil also be created and there will be underground parking.

“The new access will link the sidewalks of the El Calvario bridge to the socio-health centre,” said Sr. Curbelo.

He stressed that the 1.9 million euros will allow the provision of services such as rainwater, portable water points, street lighting and a telephone network.

Sr. Curbelo also explained the construction of access to the Insular Hospital and its high cost of 19 million euros. Around 80 per cent of the total amount will be allocated to earthworks, demolitions, structural work and urban services.

“This road is not only the access road to the hospital, but it is the final answer to the existing problem with the unevenness in the area of Las Afortunadas,” he said.

The president said that the new access contemplates the construction of a connecting roundabout in Las Afortunadas to redirect traffic to the road that will run along the side of the ravine. This road will have parking spaces, two lanes each 3.75 metres, bike lane, garden areas, as well as sewer, public lighting and the underground of the medium and low voltage electricity network.