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Consultations with a lawyer – Spain 

At De Cotta Law we believe that the preliminary legal consultation is the most important moment in building the framework for success with your legal matter. This is when the initial understanding of your need, dispute or conflict must be fully understood and it assures you of the best possible advice. Documentation is often the key to a proper and valuable consultation and in some cases we prefer to study the documents after this initial consultation and provide a reasoned opinion in writing after the meeting. You will also have the advantage of being able to ask questions.

For example, you may have a dispute with a neighbour about the boundaries of your land. In some of these cases the catastral or rateable area from the Catastro might be substantially different to the surface area of the plot as described in your deeds. Therefore, the lawyer will need to review both documents and any local planning rules to see if the situation can be resolved.

In monetary and debt claims we also need to review the paperwork. Unfortunately, in some cases pursuing a debt can be costly and not effective if the debtor has no funds or assets in Spain. We act for a number of English law firms and Trustees in bankruptcy and always advise commencing a matter with a property and company search rather than commence a debt action against a “man of straw”. The same will apply to your small business debt or a personal debt where the person or company who owes the money has limited capacity to repay.

A comprehensive consultation is essential if you are to be successful and often a mediated settlement can be reached without the need to take a matter to court. For example a neighbour dispute can be settled with the parties agreeing to voluntarily sign new deeds that accurately reflect their ownership. Also a debtor can agree staged payments, perhaps with a charge against property that prevents costly litigation for both parties.

A preliminary consultation is also essential in out of Court matters such as drafting a Spanish will that suits your needs in order to save substantial inheritance tax amounts to the inheritors or to avoid problems at the moment of dealing with the relevant inheritance procedure in Spain.

Consultations can be in person or in writing. A Q & A with your lawyer can help you to come to decisions.

De Cotta Law Open Day–Tuesday 14th February and Wednesday 15th February

Since 1983 De Cotta Law has combined a strong legal track record with international expertise, our integrated team of Spanish qualified Abogados and English qualified Solicitors and Barristers is one of the most versatile and experienced law firms on the Spanish Mainland and in the Canary Islands.

Sandra Wrightson, an English Barrister with more than 20 years’ experience working in Spain will be at our Tenerife office on 14th and 15th February. Mrs. Wrightson will be available for FREE confidential consultations on all legal matters such as Family matters, Wills, Succession and Litigation. Should you be interested in coming to see her, please contact our Tenerife office at tenerife@decottalaw.net or call directly to 922 719 520 to arrange an appointment.

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