|Monday, September 28, 2020
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World Heritage City status moves a step closer for La Orotava 

The proposal for the declaration of La Orotava as a World Heritage City is taking further steps to becoming a reality.

The Advisory Commission for the Declaration of La Orotava as World Heritage of Humanity met at the Town Hall to approve the work schedule for 2017.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 7th and will approval to the guidelines to draft the official proposal.

A professional copywriter team will shape the work being done from the commission itself. In the coming months, the project coordinator will be informed in more detail, while the general coordinator of the advisory commission, Isidoro Sánchez García, along with Fermín García, Raúl González and Zebensui López, will formulate the document that regulates the lines of work.

The objective is to have the document and arguments of request ready in the month of June. The hope is that Unesco will put it on its list which would open the way to working on the second phase.

The Mayor of La Orotava Francisco Linares said they were confident La Orotava would become a World Heritage City in the coming years.

“This northern town has more than 500 years of history, with peculiarities and specificities that make it a place with unique charac-teristics in the world. It treasures unique landscape, architectural, ethnographic, historical and paleontological values; a wealth of heritage and biodiversity, from zero to peak Teide,” he said.

He noted that at the last meeting, the spokesmen of the four political groups agreed to support the bid. It was also agreed to hold talks in schools so that young people would understand the application.

The Advisory Commission is composed of historians, anthropologists, geographers, ethnographers, philosophers, architects, engineers, teachers and art specialists and interpreters, among others.

The declaration of La Orotava as World Heritage would be an international recognition, which would be added to the one that 70 per cent of its territory with the National Park of the Cañadas del Teide (since 2007) already has.

“This declaration would enhance its interest as a cultural tourism resource of the first order, which could generate economic benefits that impact on the socio-economic development of the municipality and in turn affect the very conservation and revitalisation of the same,” said the Mayor.