|Thursday, July 9, 2020
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All I want for Christmas is teeth! 

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,New Year’s Eve and in Spain,Three Kings Day!

Christmas includes a hectic set of social acts in which you want those who love you most to be happy to see the good state in which the islands keep you. Do not let a tooth spoil everything.

Have you lost a tooth this past year? And in the last decade? For the first situation, you are in time to find a solution. For the second, per-haps.

If you have not yet replaced that piece you are missing, it is very likely to be for two reasons: either you do not care about the way you look or you do not have the money to replace it.

In any case, I regret to tell you that you have to lose unless you do something quickly.

Although aesthetics may not worry you now, you should know that a vacuum in your teeth is not going to be the only consequence you experience.

It is possible that the loss of bone, which leads to a deformation of the facial features, may cause the collapse of the lip.

Anyway, this, together with the lack of one or several teeth will not be the most “interesting” you can think of when it comes to smiling at your partner, friends and family.

On the economic side, if you let time pass, the consequences for your pocket can be very serious. The money you can spend on dental treatments will surely be much greater than the replacement of a piece. Your gums will suffer, because the food is deposited in the vacuum left by the tooth and when chewing the support is performed only on it, with its consequent damage and discomfort.

If you have lost the entire tooth, ie from the root, bone loss in the event that an implant is not placed can eventually produce a very sharp bone regeneration, which will increase your dentist’s bill and your headaches.

Added to health problems is not chewing well. This complicates the crushing of food, often being insufficient and forcing the stomach to perform some of the work that our mouth should do.

If what you lack is a tooth, you have to stop chewing on that side, forcing the rest of the teeth and causing a greater wear in the area. In addition, having an empty space, the adjacent teeth tend to occupy it, moving and causing new spaces between them and increasing the risk of tooth decay and its derivations, which may end in the loss of new teeth.

The solution to all this goes through a simple operation.

Víctor Cubillo, medical director of Artedental, is one of the most experienced dentists in the placement of implants in the Canary Islands and a reference of national and international implant houses such as Mozo Grau, Alpha-Bio or Maxillent.

He recommends “the pla-cement of unitary implants for tooth loss as a reliable and safe solution. “

Artedental, the clinic in Puerto de la Cruz , specialises in the placement of unitary implants and immediate loa-ding (the placement of complete archways on the same day). It has a novel and revolutionary method for this technique that has been exported to different countries and oerformed in clinics around the world with a success rate of 96 per cent.

This Christmas, do not let the loss of a tooth condition your health and your economy in the future. If you are missing a part, look for a solution as soon as possible. In the long run it will be the best thing for you, your health and your pocket.

 For more information visit www.artedentalclinic.com