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Why Artedental puts such a high priority on patient empathy 

It was Sigmund Freud who determined that our first phase of psychosexual development is experienced through the mouth.

Called the oral stage, it occurs from birth through the first year of life. In it, we find pleasure through food, hence we have the urgent need to put anything into the mouth.

It is our erogenous zone; we discover the world through it and precisely at this stage we live our first conflicts of satisfaction and frustration, when we accept or reject our urge to put into the mouth everything that comes into our hands.

Unquestionably, and despite the passage of time, some of this phase is in us in adulthood.

For Daniel Rodríguez González, odontologist at the Artedental clinic, there is no doubt.

“The mouth is an extremely intimate part of our body,” he says.

Daniel can say this categorically. Every day, he faces people who must expose this sensitive area to the control of others.

“The pain being suffered by the person who sits in the dentist’s chair can determine how to do your job. You have to breathe, look objectively, diagnose and continue. You must transmit tranquility and confidence, and most impor-tantly, there is a solution to the problem, ” he says.

He has had more than three years in Artedental, the clinic with a long history in the speciality of implants and prostheses, located in Puerto de la Cruz.

In the centre, Daniel deals with conservative dentistry, ie the prevention of tooth decay and its treatment, as well as the restoration of teet and the placement of prothesis.

At just 27, he has had to deal with cases of trauma, such as broken teeth by a fall.

“In addition to pain and the psychological effect arising from the complex aesthetic, the patient must face exposure and the work of a stranger in one of the most delicate areas of the body,” he says.

“In these situations, what the person needs most is psychological support.”

Daniel says this is a shared feeling every time there is a meeting with a doctor, regardless of the speciality.

“One of the biggest challenges of any branch of medicine is psychology with your patients. You must be empathetic, assertive, while taking the leading position to provide security,” he explains.

“The technical part is simple, you have placed a prosthesis or filling a thousand times. However, each person is unique. You are not putging a filling in a tooth, you’re putting it in a person. “

Treatment of tooth decay, one of the most common oral diseases in the world, can also result in emergencies and result in the loss of a tooth.

To avoid this scenario, Daniel says that prevention is the best solution.

What is essential in these cases is the annual cleanings at the dentist.

These, he says, are the mainstay in preventive den-tistry. They can detect early tooth decay or periodontal diseases that can cause the loss of any tooth.

Despite the stress he faces daily, Daniel acknowledges that working with people is both the most difficult and most beautiful of his work.

“When you see a patient smile again and leave behind their problem, you are full of satisfaction. You understand why you are in this profession. “

More information is available on http://www.artedentalclinic.com/en/