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The Wrong Girl by David Hewson  

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The arrival of Sinterklaas is an annual event which marks a high point in Amsterdam’s callendar. The city is full of children trying to get a glimpse of their hero, and the police are out in force to manage the crowded streets and waterways.

Detective Peter Vos is on duty with his young assistant, Laura Bakker, when the alarm is raised. A young girl wearing a pink jacket seems to have been kidnapped, but the ransom is not as expected, and it seems that there could be a case of mistaken identity.

In the city of vice, tension runs high with opposing gangs protecting their individual patches and the security forces and the police frequently clashing over responsibility. When the perpetrator’s horrifying demands become clear , the investigation is stepped up.

What the police uncover is an operation so sinister, with such far-reaching implications internatio-nally, that they have to work round the clock to find the true heart

of evil – before it is too late.