|Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Spain pledges to take in more refugees from Greece, Italy and Lebanon 

Spain is to take another 500 refugees from Greece and Italy and resettle 375 more people from Lebanon.

Minister for Home Affairs, Jorge Fernández Díaz made the pledge whilst taking part in the European Union Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council meeting in Luxemburg.

He reiterated Spain’s support for the most affected countries – Italy, Greece and Bulgaria – in terms of the external borders of the European Union and the current situation in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean.

This would include the deployment of border guards and technical resources through FRONTEX operations “to provide political, budgetary and operational support to those States that have external borders of the European Union”.

Sr. Diaz was also given floor time to explain to his European colleagues Spain’s experience and its bilateral relations on the issue of the fight against illegal immigration with Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania, thus offering Spain’s migratory policy, by way of example, as a model to be applied by the rest of the Member States of the European Union.

He announced Spain’s commitment to relocate a total of 500 more refugees (400 from Greece and 100 from Italy) and recalled that, to date, a total of 396 refugees (346 from Greece and 50 from Italy) have already been relocated. The Spanish Minister for Home Affairs also underlined that “we have swiftly responded to the demand to relocate unaccompanied minors from Greece through the approval of an initial contingent of 24 children”.

He said they would also take 365 more refugees from Lebanon. Jorge Fernández Díaz highlighted that to date a total of 279 refugees (222 from Lebanon and 57 from Turkey) have already been taken in. At present, work is being done to resettle 200 more refugees from Turkey.