|Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Specialists research in Tenerife an avant-garde dental solution to practise it in the UK 

With the passing of time, more clinics around Europe are getting interested in a product developed and patented in the Canary Islands, the ArtOn 4®.

On the most recent occasion, three professionals from the UK visited Tenerife to learn how to practise this brand-new technique in their country.

ArtOn 4® is a revolutionary solution to replace a failing denture using four, six or eight implants and a screwed pros-thesis in less than 24 hours.

The team responsible for this invention run a dental clinic in El Puerto de la Cruz, Artedental, where they have created this family of dental treatments called ArtOn Systems. Since they started the clinical stays to spread these implant solutions, different specialists from Europe have visited the island to research this technique.

Doctors Rajan Sharma, Shivani Sharma and Sanjeev Kapadia have their clinics in Reading and London, where they have already started practising the ArtOn Systems solutions after their stay in Tenerife a couple of weeks ago.

The clinical stay in Arte-dental is thought for professionals who want to learn these innovative prosthetic solutions and turn their clinics into authorised centres to practise them as if they were authorised distributors.

According to Dr. Kapadia: “The main reason why I came to ArtOn Systems clinical stay was that I wanted to provide my patients with a full set of treatment options, for patients with failing dentition”. With this solution, also practised here in Tenerife, “I can give my pa-tients a full bridge, a fixed result, from having no teeth to having a full and definitive set of teeth in 24 hours”.

The advantage of having a complete and definitive prosthesis in just 24 hours is what makes this treatment a com-plete revolution. Usually, when having a problem that requires the replacement of the full arch, the patient must wait around six months to wear the definitive screwed prosthesis.

However, Artedental’s team has managed to find a solution in less than 24 hours, a fun-damental change that dentists have understood as a remarkable opportunity for patients.

“ArtOn 4® is most certainly a revolutionary option”, states Dr. Kapadia. “In the UK, we have a huge population with poor or failing teeth, and I think the ArtOn 4® is perfect because it gives us the ability to transform a failing dentition into a fixed restoration within a daytime”.

According to Dr. Sharma, “The benefits of this particular system is that the patient can come in the morning with a failing dentition that you really have no hope in the long term, and within the day they can leave with a full bridge, which aesthetically looks good, and made of a material repairable if there is any problem. The downtime for patients is much less than some of the other systems that there are in the implant industry currently”.

Dr. Victor Cubillo, co-inventor of this solution and co-founder of ArtOn Systems, assures the clinical stays also have an extra incentive for professionals and patients: “You can experience the advantages of this new solu-tion in an astonishing environment, one of the first touristic destinations in Spain and, at the same time, enjoying a great weather and fantastic landscapes”.

After the surgery and thanks to the impressions, the dental technician works tirelessly until he achieves the perfect structure and customization for the prosthesis, made of titanium and com-posites.

Artedental’s master technician, Volker Samrei, stays present during the whole process to create later the most accurate prosthesis. “I was blown away by his expression, eccentricity, his passion for this particular work. I was really astonished, not just from the technical point of view, but also from the way that he interacts clinically with the patient. I think that he being there reassures me as a clinician”, Dr. Sharma explains.

Both Sharma and Kapadia “highly recommend this course to professionals who are head to advance in dentistry, as well to patients from the UK who will benefit from this”. This clinical stays are called ArtOn Training, and their main target is to provide patients suffering failing dentures with an aesthetic, fast and permanent solution. No matter the country where they were born.