|Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Roundabout to relieve traffic congestion and improve safety 

San Miguel de Abona council has announced the start of work on the TF-65 (roundabout of Llano del Camello-Las Andorinas).

The council held an information meeting with local business representatives to explain the project in detail.

It was attended by the Mayor, Arturo González and the Cabildo’s director of public works, Miguel Becerra as well as other representatives of the contractor.

The various phases of the work were exhibited, plus alternative access routes. It was also shown how the area will look once the project is complete.

There was also an apology in advance for any inconvenience the work would cause but it was explained that there would be a huge benefit to all.

The works, which have already begun, are expected to be completed within approximately 13 months.

It responds to a historical demand that will reduce the serious problems of traffic jams and congestion of this area which takes more than 14,000 vehicles a day.

It will also eliminate left turns that cause numerous accidents and thereby gain security. The access of vehicles to the Las Andorinas will also be adapted and there will be an improved access for pedestrians.

San Miguel council says it is aware that the new roundabout will not be the ultimate solution t the traffic problems in the area unless the Canary Government implements a new roundabout for Los Erales (connecting Las Chafiras-Guargacho) and modifying the existing one at TF-1(Las Chafiras).