|Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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A natural smile, the beauty treatment in vogue 

What determines beauty? In the art world, it stands as one of the great debates among experts.

The critic, writer and British artist Mathew Collings attributes different qualities to beauty in art: nature, simplicity, unity, the environment or spontaneity are some of them.

But what are the parameters which set physical beauty?

Symmetry in the face ,for example is essential, but it is not the only aspect that underlies what is appealing to the eyes of others. Which features fit with the average (that are prototypical) is also crucial, which in English is called “averageness”. These parameters are inherited genetically but is it possible to “stimulate” our beauty?

Many studies reveal that faces showing positive emotions are more attractive, especially those who smile constantly. In fact, in numerous surveys, the smile stands out as the most influential to assess the beauty of a face. However, many people are reluctant to do so because of embarrassment, because they suffer from dental or facial problems.

But there is a solution. More and more dental centres are working in collaboration with specialists in aesthetic medicine to provide patients with attractive smiles. This treat-ment is called “rejuvenation of the smile”.

Ana Violán, a specialist doctor in aesthetic medicine, has recently joined the Artedental centre in Puerto de la Cruz, to work hand in hand with their dentists in improving smiles.

For Ana, the smile must have “harmony and naturalness”. It is “making subtle changes that achieve a natural smile”.

“What is wanted is facial harmony, which is not always achieved from full lips,” she says.

To this end, a previous study is essential where not only the teeth or lips are observed but the whole area. “It is important to work not just on the mouth but the entire lip area,” says the Artedental specialist.

“The most demanded is hyaluronic acid,” Ana explains. “It rejuvenates the lip from hydration and tension, increasing the volume and profile.”

This treatment can also be used to hydrate the nasolabial folds, the line which forms around the corner of the mouth. This becomes deeper with age but the doctor does not favour techniques which delete them. “I prefer the methods that soften,” she explains.

Other therapies are also practiced in Artedental eg plasma injection, a technique of the most advanced facial rejuvenation and anti-aging; or carboxiterapia, which through a gas exchange producesoxy-genation, stimulation and tissue tension. There is also a treatment with vitamins, which rejuvenates and illuminates the face.

“It is essential to move forward in a subtle way, the patient gets used to their new look gradually, without radical changes,” says Ana. “I prefer that when my patients go outside, they are met with greetings such as: ‘How well you look’ and not: ‘What have you done to yourself?”

Having a nice smile and showing it openly creates better social relationships, influences our mood and makes us more attractive .

Science allows us to finally approach not only the established model, but what we consider as “beautiful”.

Improving what we don’t like is just a matter of finding the most appropriate treatment, under the guidance of an expert.