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Early loss of teeth or premature labour, the risks of poor dental hygiene 

Recently, in a casual conversation between friends, the hilarious idea was raised of creating a game like Pokémon Go and to name it “Kill The Dentist”. It is easy to understand why.

Calling your dentist is rarely a pleasant experience. It is a socially shared feeling that even has its own pathology, odontophobia.

We delay the visit until the last moment, when the situation has worsened and we usually do for two reasons: that we can no longer endure the pain or the problem we have is related to some aesthetic aspect that affects us socially.

Industry professionals are probably bored of warning us that constant oral health directly affects our overall health. In some cases, this neglect when accompanied by dental fear can have tragic consequences.

Complications resulting from poor dental hygiene may have the greatest risk during pregnancy.

Carmen Dolores Luis Her-nandez (Loli, as she prefers to be called), hygienist at the Artedental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz, explains that pregnant women experience hormonal changes that impact on the whole body.

“One such consequence is the increased permeability of blood vessels, making it easier to have gingivitis, bleeding gums. With bleeding, bacteria and pathogens can pass through your circulation and reach the placenta, which increases the risk of low birth weight or preeclampsia, as well as the risk of preterm delivery.”

“Preeclampsia associated with hypertension can lead to eclampsia with damage to the maternal endothelium, kidneys and liver, and the most common treatment in this case is the induction of labour or caesarean section to avoid putting at risk the mother and to the baby.”

Cleaning is therefore “very important during pregnancy because it reduces the inflammation of the gums and prevent these cases.”

Loli also explains that one of the biggest advantages of maintaining proper dental hygiene is to “keep the teeth as long as possible”. And this is something that sooner or later will eventually affect us all.

The role she plays in Artedental is fundamental. If the bustle of a dental clinic is observed, we see a constant coming and going of professionals walking with accelerated steps in its corridors and in and out of their offices.

And not just dentists. There are other professionals whose work complements and enhances the role of the dentist.

The dental hygienist, like Loli, is responsible for what they call in their jargon prophylaxis ie. remove tartar and stains that are on the teeth or under the gum.

It also entails teaching functions, since most of their time is devoted to explain to patients, whether children or adults, proper care to maintain a healthy mouth and gums.

These consist essentially of “proper brushing, flossing once daily and rinses; and an annual visit to the dentist and hygienist “, says Loli.

“We often fail to visit the clinic, and therefore the remains of scale which are not accessed with the brush or thread are not eliminated. Over the years without going through the consultation, the situa-tion may worsen until it causses irreparable tooth damage and extraction,” she explained.

The Artedental hygienist adds that “certain diseases can be prevented with good dental hygiene, such as periodontitis. It has even come to prove the relationship with the onset and / or worsening of diabetes and cardiovascular problems. “

The best in any case will always be an annual visit. This will reduce the difficulty of dental cleanings and thus the discomfort they may cause, and prevent the occurrence of multiple diseases.

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