|Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Drugs gang used bar staff to peddle hash and cocaine 

National Police agents have arrested 15 members of a criminal organisation dedicated to the distribution and sale of drugs in bars and shops in Gijon, Oviedo and Bilbao.

During the operation, officers seized 4,416 grams of hashish, 99 grams of cocaine, 6,551 euros, five vehicles and 28 mobile phones.

The operation began after police in Gijon received an anonymous tip-off and complaints from residents who reported the sale of hashish in different bars in the town, all run by citizens of Moroccan origin.

They discovered they were part of a criminal network whose leader ran several establishments in Gijon, Oviedo and another one in Bilbao, where hashish from Morocco ws mainly distributed.

Police investigations revealed the drug was being transported from his home in vehicles to Bilbao and from there periodically to Gijón, to be sold by waiters or managers of establishments that were part of this criminal network and who were responsible for retail distribution.

Officers kept watch on the various bars for weeks and noted customers going in and out withut buying drinks.

Five bars and six homes were raided, with most of the impounded substances found in storeroom.