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Sook is the star as it brings its affordable and stylish gastronomy to Santa Cruz 

How often do you visit Santa Cruz, Tenerife’s beautiful and very surprising capital city?

If you live in the south or are on holiday, the answer is probably not as often as those who are already in the north.

Really, the answer for us all should be “frequently” as historic Santa Cruz has so much to offer, not least some wonderful restaurants, cafes and shops.

This article is, of course, dedicated to food so in the inevitable event that you will be wanting something to eat, can we point you in the direction of SOOK?

A gleaming, modern four-star hotel might not be the obvious choice for a summer lunch or evening meal but we are here to put you right.

Not only is the Silken Hotel THE place to visit when you are in the city, it is hugely affordable too and will defy any immediate impression of “We can’t affor to eat here!” You can and it is gorgeous.

Not only that, the hotel is slap bang right in the middle of the centre, in the heart of the shops, a stone’s throw from the bus station, sea-front promenade and the auditorium with its very distinctive curved roof.

We were already heading for lunch at SOOK within the hotel but decided to com-bine our visit with a spot of shopping. Therefore, we were highly delighted to find the very convenient location of the Silken in Avenida Tres de Mayo.

The restaurant is on the ground-floor, stylish with modern decor and very inviting. It is receiving rave reviews from visitors of all nationalities, including British, because it offers beautifully presented food aimed at the ordinary pocket.

We were stunned to find a three-course summer lunch menu for just 20 euros each which shows that you just have to try this venue and not think that such a lovely hotel is for guests only.

The Silken is part of a large chain of hotels which prides itself on is locations, architecture, interior design, comfort and furnishings amongst others.

Cuisine is top of the list and though you would recognise the menu whether you are in Bilbo or Burgos because tremendous thought goes into devising them. The chefs receive regular updates and training under the expertise of award-winning Michelin star Martin Berasategui at the Silken School of Food and Beverage which he chairs.

However, the teams are encouraged to put their own input too, as would be the case with the Canarian delicacies we all love.

The aim in creating SOOK (an amalagamation of the words Silken and Cook) was to innovate and make it much more personal, blending the traditional harmony with the modern in a natural way.

Fresh premium produce are an absolute must and when you see the creations on the plate, it really does bely the absolute affor-dability.

We enjoyed looking at the food as much as tasting a selection of the dishes on the new summer menu.

These include home-made salmorejo with extra virgin olive oil, diced Iberian ham and bread croutons, avocado from our islands in tempura, served with sweet chilli sauce and soy, tuna tataki with seaweed salad and caramelised soy sauce and duck breast soft grilled, with papaya chutney.

I particularly loved the lettuce salad with herring, green apple and yogurt cream as it was light and refreshing. The avocado in tempura was stunning in its presentation on cocktail sticks from a gleaming bucket of rice!

Our main courses of the tuna tataki and duck breast were equally light and the desserts were to die for. Walnut sponge cake with yogurt cream and surprising Baileys truffles and a very unusual rice pudding in ice-cream with pears cooked in red wine. Divine!

The restaurant is air-conditioned and the staff, most of whom speak English, are immaculately dressed in black and white. You might think this would make SOOK formal but it doesn’t, just extremely caring and smart.

There are three choices for each of the courses but at the weekend, you can select what you want from the a la carte individually, regardless of how many courses you do or do not want.

We were delighted to meet head chef Domingo at the end of our very enjoyable meal and made a promise to return, more than likely for the very extensive breakfast buffet open to the public from 7am to 11am from Monday to Sunday.

The opening times are 13:00 to 15:30 and 20:30 to 23:30 and for your convenience, there is a parking area.

The restaurant can also cater for large groups, business dinners or lunches, weddings etc and for those with special dietary requirements. Just let them know.

Contact details:


Hotel Silken Atlantida

Avenida Tres de Mayo

Santa Cruz

902 050 134