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Brunelli’s: Exquisite dining experience with views of the Atlantic 

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The dream of any true cuisine lover comes to reality in Puerto de la Cruz, the city where Spanish tourism was born. With the unique charm of sailors’ villages, Brunelli’s emerges in Punta Brava – a steakhouse capable of satisfying the most demanding palates through an unforgettable experience of savouring its exclusive selection of meats just a few metres from the Atlantic Ocean.

In Brunelli’s, the experience begins from the entrance, a moment in which the visitor makes their way in an exquisite local where wooden architecture and careful decoration prevail, accompanied by important works of art. The open and impeccable kitchen is in full view of the dining guests, and it is impossible not to be captivated by the glass chamber showing varieties of meats in a temperature and humidity-controlled atmosphere.

An important part of the gastronomic ritual with meat requires grill that meets its expectations; this is when the oven comes on stage: the Southbend. This is a rapid induction gas oven that immediately reaches 800Cº. It is unique in the Canary Islands – the only place you can enjoy this incredible technique is in Brunelli´s. What this oven manages to do is to seal the pores of the meat immediately, creating a crispy crust on the outside while keeping the meat tender and juicy inside.

Due to the power and the quick cooking of this oven, only mastery allows the chefs to always get dishes in the best conditions for tasting. The menu is a real tribute to culinary arts – there are many choices, from delicatessen for the meat lovers to fresh vegetables (whether in salad or grilled) for vegetarian tastes, exquisite starters, carpaccios, and even fresh fish from the market and a wide selection of side dishes.

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For meat lovers, the cut list is a real ode to exquisite cuisine: from the spectacular sirloin and the juicy rib eye to the major and tasty T-bone steak or the succulent Brunelli’s signature hamburger, all paired with a wide selection of wines. The little ones can also be protagonists with tasty children’s menus that allow them to discover the best dishes in a fun, entertaining way. Desserts also deserve a special mention, perfect to conclude a memorable lunch or dinner: the cheese cake with rum and raisins could be a delicious choice, as well as the three-chocolate symphony with crunchy almonds.

Another ingredient that makes Brunelli’s different is its focus on innovation in both cooking and decoration. For this reason, the restaurant has a large win-dow of 9.30 metres wide and 2.80 metres high that ascends and descends in just a few seconds to give a fresh feeling and turn Brunelli’s into a beautiful outdoor terrace with an incredible breeze directly from the Atlantic Ocean to accompany you during your enjoyable meal.

The essence of this steakhouse restaurant ensures that customers enjoy a unique culinary experience in a harmonious, family atmosphere thanks to the restaurant’s dedication. The experience at Brunelli’s cannot be told – but savoured.

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In front of Loro Parque

Puerto de la Cruz