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Sun and beach dental holidays: affordable and agreeable 

Let´s speak frankly. The reason why someone looks for a medical treatment abroad – a market that grows at a rate of 15-25 per cent- is commonly the money. And it is a strong reason.

Dental holidays are a reality among medical tourism treatments, as in the UK, US and many European countries dental care is expensive, especially if reconstructive or cosmetic work is required.

In fact, dentistry is one of the top specialties for medical treatments, right after cosmetic surgery, according to Patients Beyond Borders, a medical publisher and one of the most trusted sources of consumer information about interna-tional medical and health travel worldwide.

And let’s debunk one the myths surrounding this topic. The travelling dental patient need not sacrifice quality to save money. Highly com-petent dentists who attended respected schools of dentistry and are certified by boards in Western countries often work abroad, providing excellent services for a fraction of the cost.

The site Treatmentabro-ad.com, a provider of choices for those considering medical tourism, quotes the three myths in dental tourism to be debunked: “with cheap price comes cheap quality”, “dental board abroad is not as advanced as ours” and “dental tourism costs the same as my home country if you add up travel and accommodation”.

Regarding this field of medicine, dental implants are one of the most common procedures patients travel to a different country for, as they are considered by the dental community as one of the best solutions for replacing one single tooth or the whole denture. And one of the most expensive treatments too.

MEDIGO.com, a platform that helps patients to find and book affordable high-quality medical care around the world, with an over 400 clinics database, states the average cost of one single dental implant and the surgery in UK is around 2.698 pounds and 5.000 dollars in the US. As compared to other countries, getting dental implants abroad can save patients 89 per cent of the price in the UK, 90 per cent of the price in the US, and 70 per cent of the price in Australia.

Dental implants are available to patients from the UK under NHS, but only if an NHS dentist thinks they are medically necessary. Often, they will attempt other less-costly treatments first and something like an implant will be a last resort. Typically, implants are only used when dentures are not an option, for teeth that have been knocked out, or to replace teeth lost due to cancer. Otherwise, the patient will have to get private treatment.

Why is it such an expensive treatment? There is a variety of factors that affect the price: the brand of the implants, the materials used in crowns and prostheses, the oral health of the patient, the anesthesia or sedation used and other treatments performed with dental implants, such as bone grafts.

This platform also affirms that, in Spain, the cost of dental implants goes from 600 to 2.888 euros, an average cost of 1.021 euros. Around one third the cost in the UK. Although Spain is a well-known tourist destination in the UK, its world-class dental clinics are not very popular among Britons.

The countries the Britons travel mainly for dental holidays are Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Traveling in Spain might be a bit more expensive than other destinations, but for those looking to combine a vacation with their procedure this is a real good option.

Just imagine a trip to the Canary Islands, one of the most affordable destinations in Spain, with a pleasant recovery in a quiet place surrounded by amazing landscapes and nice weather and beaches, even during the winter. There are quite a few clinics in the Canary Islands that provide an English-speaking service, with the latest technology and outstanding professionals.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep some factors in mind when planning a trip for dental treatments. Patients Beyond Borders provides some valuable tips:

– When looking for a dentist abroad, seek out evaluations from previous patients and ask for proof of competence before you make an appointment.

– Plan a few extra days at your treatment site. Find out in advance how many visits you’ll need and ask yourself whether traveling twice or three times for dental care suits your budget and saves you money overall.

– If you are prone to asthma attacks, dental travel may not be for you. The psychological and physical stress of a dental visit can precipitate an attack. Ask whether nitrous oxide or conscious sedation may prove beneficial for you.

– Patients with heart disease, kidney failure, or a transplanted organ need antibiotics to prevent infections that may arise as a result of dental treatment. If you have any of these conditions, make sure your dentist talks with your physician before your dental treatment plan is written.