|Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Spain “needs more entrepreneurs to create new jobs” 

Mariano Rajoy has called for more entrepreneurs to create jobs and a stable government because Spain “cannot allow the elections to be repeated.”

The acting President of the Government stressed that the unemployment data for July are “good” but, above all, “are an encouraging sign for the future and show that the great national objective for the next four years to have 500,000 more people in work each year can be achieved”.

He said that the challenge for Spain is to maintain the economic policy and that two things are needed for that: “Entrepreneurs, people who take risks, work hard and create jobs, well-being and wealth” and a stable adminis-trative framework, “a government”, because he believes that “Spain cannot allow the elections to be repeated again”.

“It would be a ridiculous notion of extraordinary proportions”, he said.

Sr. Rajoy referred to an unemployment reduction “of 124,000 people” in July, meaning that “unemploy-ment is falling in Spain at a rate of 8.7% per year”, he said. Similarly, he highlighted the 98,000 increase in the number of people registered with the Social Security system, “three times higher than last year”.