|Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Why Sunday closing in Chafiras? 

Dear Editor

Isn‘t it about time “go-ahead” Tenerife got its act together and changed the opening times of businesses in Las Chafiras.

We cannot believe that on a Sunday, the very day we want to go shopping or have a look around furniture shops and the like, they are closed. And this includes Iceland. Why?

We don’t understand it so perhaps someone somewhere will enlighten us? The new big Chinese bazaar is open so why not the others? Are they restricted from doing so or is it their choice?

Usually when you drive through Las Chafiras, there are queues of traffic. On a Sunday, there is none and these closures are the reason.

It would be a great asset for many people if the situation could be changed. What do other readers think?

Name and address supplied