|Monday, December 6, 2021
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Tidying up Palm Mar 

Dear Editor

As a regular visitor to Palm Mar from Los Cristianos, we were delighted to see on our recent visit a large group of maintenance staff working to clear up what we describe as the park area near the last big roundabout.

Well, it’s not officially a park but some sort of old privately-owned pavilion and land around it, we understand.

First of all, they are doing a great job clearing up all the undergrowth, stones etc and turning what is a prominent place in Palma Mar to a much prettier area.

Their work has already taken about a week and it isn’t finished yet.This place is a mecca for school children in the morning and unfortunately, some youngsters at other times of the day have caused vandalism and damage. Sadly it is also a favourite haunt for dog owners who like to stand around chatting whilst their dogs run around barking like mad and doing their business which the owners then fail to pick up. Let’s hope both these problems can be avoided in the future.

Anyway, the point of writing is to say that about two years ago, a workforce also did a lovely job tidying up the entire pathway from the Palm Mar arch right up to the main road. They took out all the weeds and removed the stones so that at least pedestrians could walk on it without stumbling into the road.

We said at the time it should be laid to tarmac because what happened? After a few months the weeds started to grow again and now it is back to its original bad state. Dangerous for walkers and very unsightly. Basically, a complete waste of time, effort and money.

The big question is, is all the work in the centre of Palm Mar going to be a waste as well? How long will it be before it returns to its former state?

The point is Palm Mar needs regular maintenance, not a one off. Oh and can we add our calls to a better bus service? Then we wouldn’t have to walk between the main road and Palm Mar because there are no services at the weeend and none in the evening. Very very poor for such an increasingly popular place.

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