|Friday, October 30, 2020
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School inspectors look to Europe to help improve Canary education system 

Education inspectors in the Canary Islands have been looking at the systems in Belgium and France for new ideas.

The 67 met for two days inTenerife to share their practices and analyse the operation of the service in such countries, as well as the experience of a Canarian delegation in the European Erasmus + programme. This was specifically to study an initiative against truancy developed in Sweden and Gran Canaria.

The conference was inaugurated by the Minister of Education and Universities, Soledad Monzón.

The inspector general of the islands, Irma Velasco said it was a “rewarding experience” to have speakers from the universities of Barcelona and La Laguna and other European countries.

“They have shown us how education inspection works in France or Belgium and we hope their experiences can help us improve the Canary education system,” she commented.

During the two days, participants also discussed the different roles they can play in mediation, support and assistance to the centres.

The use of new technologies in classrooms; the new profile of teachers for education of the XXI century and dropout prevention were also looked at.

As a postscript to the conference, the Platform of Directors were also invited to the School Board of the Canary Islands to participate in a round table, where union representatives, families, teachers and students of the different groups that make up the advisory body could raise questions and make proposals and suggestions direct to the inspection body and engage in intense debate on improvements.

Irma Velasco said communication with all stakeholders in the education system is “one of the priorities of any good inspector or inspector”.