|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Find of Roman coins hailed as “Spanish and world first” 

A haul of Roman coins found by workers digging up a road in Seville is being hailed as a Spanish and world first.

The 17 bronze coins and one money bar were unearthed by a street crew putting in new water pipes near a park.

They were astounded to uncover what looked like a hoard of 19 containers but even more surprised when the contents were revealed.

The Roman coins weighed more than 600kg and are now at Seville’s Archaeology Museum where they are being examined by experts.

They believe the coins were never put into circulation as they are still in mint condition and have no wear or tear.

It is thought they date back to the fourth century AD and feature an image of an emperor on the front and Roman symbols on the back.

Experts think the coins may have been part of a tax collection or levies paid to the army. They say such a find is unique, certainly in Spain and probably in the world.

Some of the vessels unearthed by the diggers were broken but they were probably made especially to carry the coins, rather than for wine or grain.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Culture said: “We believe they were deliberately hidden in an underground space and covered by some bricks and ceramic filler material.”

It is not known how much the coins are worth but historians say they are “priceless” in terms of archaeological value.