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A breath-taking barranco walk to celebrate the first day of Spring 

Sunday 20th March saw the 6th “Talk the Walk” from Ifonche near Arona with Tenerife Guided Walks for En Pie, the Canarian Mental Health Foundation.

I woke up in Los Cristianos on the first day of spring to a blue sky dappled with a few white fluffy clouds. There was a fair breeze and the dark blue sea looked a little choppy. Fishing boats were bobbing up and down on the waves on their return to the harbour.

As always, Andy Tenerife Walker had put together a fabulous 8 km hike for us over the barrancos at Ifonche for 29 fellow hikers to raise money for En Pie and to practice each other’s languages.

Our walk began with signs of spring all around us. Daisies and Vygies were in full bloom, and a species of Taganaste were just coming into bud called echium virescens whose colours range from pink to blue and are bushier than the large red variety the island is famous for. A clean pure smell prevailed in the air from the wild herbs and Pine trees. It was a beautiful warm morning with blue skies with just a gentle breeze up here which kept us cool as we walked.

The walk took us through Pine forest and over a dry river bed until we reached the top of the barranco. Andy had told me that there were some wonderful views on this walk and he wasn’t wrong on this point. The views were absolutely breathtaking. We were over the top of the Barranco del Infierno (Hell’s Gorge) with sheer drops into the ravine below. The colours in the rocks were stunning, the different layers of the formations clearly visible. Pelinor the King or mencey of Adeje and his tribe of Guanches hid in the barranco here during the Spanish Conquest of 1494. A large collection of mummies and engravings were found here in the numerous caves and are now housed in the Museum of Nature and Man in Santa Cruz.

Half way through the walk, Andy had a trick up his sleeve and put on a lovely extention to the walk which took us to a fantastic panoramic vista overlooking Los Cristianos, Adeje and Callao Salvaje. We then turned back into the forest on what appeared to be no trail at all, but Andy guided us all safely back to our cars.

As our journey neared its end, I couldn’t help but reflect upon the experience, and once again I remembered how lucky I am to live on this beautiful island. Tenerife’s hidden beauty isn’t that difficult to find, you just need to get out there and discover it for yourself.

Andy Tenerife Walker from Tenerife Guided Walks already has the next charity walk planned for En Pie and it will be on Sunday 24th April. Further updates will be forthcoming in the Tenerife News, however, please contact andy@tenerife-guided-walks.com to book.

For further information regarding Tenerife’s great outdoors, please see: www.tenerife-guided-walks.com