|Wednesday, June 16, 2021
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Tests continue “with urgency” following road collapse 

Los Realejos council has apologised but called for understanding as investigations continue into the state of the road of Avenida de Canarias.

Detailed studies are being carried out to find out why there was a collapse on March 8th.

Last week, as a conti-nuation of these tests, two new excavations were made to determine if there are any underground caves which might have been responsible for the subsidence.

The data will be added to other technical information gathered over recent weeks and will help to formulate what actions are necessary to alleviate and repair the situation.

The Mayor, Manuel Dominguez said people’s safety had to be their main priority and all sorts of detection systems were being used, including micro-cameras.

At various stages, this has necessitated the closure of part of the road but alternatives have been provided.

Sr. Dominguez said the tests would show what was needed and then the cost and timescale could be eva-luated as a matter of urgency.

“We apologise to the residents and businesses and we appreciate their understanding,” he added.