|Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Offences that carry fines and/or points loss 

Following on from our last article we are going to cover some more offences that many drivers are guilty of , and which in turn can quite often cause an accident or collision of one or more vehicles.

Blocking Junctions

There is a saying in the UK that many drivers will recognise which is “do not enter the box (normally painted yellow) unless your exit is clear”. So many people seem to forget why these boxes are on the roads in the first place! The reason for such boxes is to, in theory; permit the flow of traffic in different directions. Countless drivers quite obviously do not know this or ignore this. By blocking such junctions you are likely to cause delays to other drivers, a build-up of traffic which in turn can cause unsafe conditions on the roads. We should therefore remember the golden saying and not enter a box yellow or other colour, unless your exit is clear and safe. Blocking any such box carries a fine of 200 euros.

Failing to Give Way

Again Give Way signs and road marking are there for a reason namely the safety and wellbeing of drivers and of course pedestrians. Failure to give way to another vehicle when that vehicle clearly has priority and which may potentially cause them to brake hard or make a sharp manoeuvre will result in a fine and a loss of points. The fine is 200 euros and potential loss of four points. Junctions by their very nature can be very dangerous places, as it is where vehicles which have priority and are already moving will be forced to contend with other vehicles which try and join in the flow of traffic, this of course results in slowing the flow of traffic down. It is not acceptable to just put your hand out of your window and expect the approaching car to stop or allow you to join, they do not have to and it is not their right to do so. By doing this you are potentially forcing the approaching vehicle to deviate from its normal course of travel and create a hazard or accident, albeit sometimes a small bump, it’s an accident all the same and the driver forcing the issue will be the one at fault.

Never attempt to bribe or insult a Police Officer

If you are unfortunate enough to be stopped by the police for any reason, always act politely no matter how you may be feeling inside… There has recently been a case where the Guardia Civil stopped a vehicle as it appeared to be overloaded and it was then pulled over by them. The driver was questioned and they carried out a routine check of the vehicle and driver’s identification and permission to drive. The matter regarding the driving licence showed up that the driver had in fact lost his licence and had not completed the mandatory educational course and had subsequently been banned from driving, something he was quite clearly not adhering to! His passenger was carrying a substantial amount of cash and attempted to bribe the officers with the cash in order to be let off and allow them to continue on their journey. Fortunately they declined this offer and arrested both parties, and allowed them to be dealt with via the judicial system.

It is also informative to know that if you insult a police officer they are permitted to fine you and in most cases even if you have a witness to the fact that you did not do so, this type of “offence” is rarely overturned on appeal.