|Friday, October 22, 2021
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Massive explosion in the centre of Los Cristianos 

Emergency services are at the scene of a massive explosion in the centre of Los Cristianos.
It is believed at least two people have died and up to 15 may still be trapped in the building which collapsed in calle Valle Menéndez above a supermarket.
The explosion happened at 9.30am this morning. People nearby reported hearing an explosion followed by the smell of gas before the five storey residential building above a supermarket collapsed like a pack of cards.
One witness said: “I could hear people screaming inside.”
The street is in the heart of the tourist centre of Los Cristianos, one of the busiest resorts in the south of the island.
It is just five minutes from the beach and the supermarket is used by tourists and is adjacent to English run bars and restaurant and just yards away from shops.
Local people are saying it will be a miracle if British tourists have escaped unhurt.
Another witness said it sounded like a bomb had gone off. However, emegency services suspect it was a gas leak.
Police have sealed off the area and evacuated adjacent buildings which include the bars and cafes.
Sniffer dogs searching through the rubble.
Three people taken to hospital so far, including a 57 year old woman with serious injuries.
One shocked resident said: “It reminded me of the Twin Towers collapsing”
The local council has put the tourist area on level 3 alert.
(Photos by Gerard Zenou)