|Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Yes, traffic is awful 

Dear Editor

We could not agree more about the worsening traffic situation in Tenerife.

In the south, it is getting horrendous with so many blackspots.

We agree about the hold-ups in San Eugenio but find Las Chafiras the most frustrating. There is never a time when you can drive in along the back road from the south and NOT encounter traffic tailbacks. It is SO frustrating! Worse is that as you approach McDonalds on your left, the traffic on the right on the little slip road tries to get in the traffic flow so every two or three cars or so, you add even more cars to the queue.

I thought the authorities were going to do something about this problem? I am sure I read in your paper that they had a scheme which was going to be implemented. This should be made a priority!

J and A McDonald, South Tenerife