|Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Very stupid skateboarders! 

Dear Madam

Are some people so stupid they don’t realise they are putting themselves and others in danger?

I write in amazement because today, when driving through Los Cristianos, two men on skateboards came dashing out of nowhere in the middle of a dual carriageway through the town. To say they were going at speed is an under-statement!

They must have been going at 50kph I estimate. They were riding down the double lanes of where the Sunday market was held for a while so down a sloping hill to help with their speed I suppose.

Both were right in the centre of the lanes so you couldn’t even get by although to do so would have broken the speed limit any way.

One was riding with one foot in the air to make it worse. They sped over the junction, with one going the wrong way so his mate whistled and he turned round without thought for the traffic.

As they went down the road, both passed by dozens of cars which were parked in herringbone style, ie with their boots facing outwards. A driver could easily have reversed and not seen them because they were going so fast and I am sure the skateboarders would have been killed. There was no way they could have taken evasive action.

These weren’t lads or teena-gers either. They were men in their 20s.

I have seen other skateboarders doing stupid things as well, including a child who was riding down a steep hill. His mother was at the end of it but there was no way she could have helped if he had fallen off and caused himself a very very nasy injury.

Skateboarders shouldn’t be on the roads or paths. Find the nearest skate park instead!

PJS, Los Cristianos