|Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Shocked at apartment prices 

Dear Editor

I was quite shocked recently when trying to book a holiday apartment in Tenerife and wanted to write with a warning about people becoming too greedy.

It is fantastic to see that the island is becoming busy again after suffering so badly during the recession years.

Of course, it has also felt the unfortunate benefit of trouble and atrocities in other competing holiday destinations because it is a safe place to come.

But all this popularity must not push prices up beyond affordability.

Some of the prices being asked for a week’s stay were ridiculous and these apartments really weren’t anything special.

It seems that given the demand, prices go up ie penalise the people who have supported Tenerife through all its hard times.

I was also very shocked at the prices being quoted by receptionists for an overnight stay in a three star hotel in Tenerife, for example. Around 120 euros for one not so good establishment.

I am sorry but I had to express great surprise because you can get to stay in one of the lovely new hotels in Santa Cruz for less than this. And in Puerto de la Cruz, it is even cheaper.

Whilst on the subject of accommodation, can I have another moan? I had to laugh at Tripadvisor sending me email updates advising huge percentages off stays in Tenerife hotels and apartments BUT the discounted figure was still high at say 75 euros or so, apparently discounted from an original 400 or so. This is per night we are talking about, not per week.

So just what is going on?

Name supplied Frequent (as to now) visitor to Tenerife