|Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Shadows Of A Childhood by Elizabeth Gille 

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(A novel by the daughter of Irène Némirovsky, author of Suite Française)

Irène Némirovsky’s posthu-mous Suite Française has sold more than half a million copies since its publication in 2006. Though Némirovsky was killed by the Nazis before she had a chance to complete her novel about France under the Occupation, she and her husband sent their two daughters to live under assumed identities in the South of France. enabling them to survive the war. The younger daughter, Elizabeth Gille became a well-known French publisher, and chronicled her wartime experiences in her own novel, ‘Shadows of a Childhood’ . Originally published long before the manuscript of Suite Française was discovered.

‘Shadows of a Childhood’ is now available for Némirovsky fans who want to know more about the circumstances of her death and her daughter’s survival.

Gille’s haunting novel is a moving sequel to her mother’s masterpiece and further evidence of what an extraordinary literary legacy Némirovsky and her daughter have left us.