|Monday, December 6, 2021
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New hospital confusion 

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Dear Editor

I know there have been numerous reports in the press about the delays in completing and opening the new hospitals in the north and south of Tenerife.

After visiting the new south hospital recently, I have to confirm what most people know already. It is quite a farce!

First of all, I received a text message on my mobile to inform me about my appointment. It said Hospital Sur but there was no clue as to which one this was ie the old “green” hospital in Playa de las Americas or the new one.

I took my chance and fortunately it was correct. We also left nice and early which was just as well because although we know where the new hospital is (outside Los Cristianos) we knew the road network was a big strange. And that is to say the least!

We came down the hill and you can’t turn left into the hospital. Instead, you have to peel off right near Chayofa and flip back on yourself. We came up to a junction and we were pretty sure you had to turn left but then I saw two cars coming towards us on both sides of the road so they were both driving in our direction like it was a dual carriageway.

As it turned out, it wans’t. It was a two way road. It is just that one of the drivers got confused and was driving in the wrong direction.Luckily, I had stopped to make sure because had we carried out, we would have met the oncoming car on a blind bend.

On returning from the hospital, we could understand his mistake. Getting out is as much a problem as getting in and you really don’t know which way to turn. So here is a cautionary tale, if you are going to the new hospital, be careful!

Once inside the hospital grounds, you are met by two main buildings. One of them is still a complete shell, the other one behind it is finished and open. The signs to the main car park are still very bad, if not non-existent so we ended up going round and round until we found the main entrance.

I have to say that inside, the hospital is very nice if a little stark and uninviting but when finished I am sure it will be an asset. The big question mark however is over the “when”. We also had a bit of a laugh at the canteen – it is a small hut outside the hospital.

All in all, not a massively good impression to give of Tenerife, we think.

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