|Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Mobility scooters 

Dear Editor

Since arriving back in Tenerife in January after a short spell in the UK, I am amazed at the increase of twin seated mobility scooters meant for disabled people which are on the streets and pedestrian areas of Los Christanos and Las Americas.

Trying to enjoy a walk alone the golden mile and beyond is like dicing with death. There are parts of this enjoyable walk which are quite narrow in places, and in the past it was the bicycle rider who was the nuisance weaving in and out of pedestrians and the disabled being pushed in their wheel chairs.

But now we are being plagued by young lazy Brits, male and female plus other nationalities who have lost the art of walking. They rent out the double scooter andI have seen as many as three adults and two children barging their way through pedestrians at a very high speed and it is just an accident in the waiting.

Are these inconsiderate people insured? Why aren’t more checks being done by the rental company to ensure that disability does apply? In the failure of a driver not having any insurance and a pedestrian is injured, who can be sued? The driver or the owner of the machine for hospitalisation and treatment?

Hopefully the new councillor for the police, Carolina Rever’on Ramos can get involved and ban all but the needy who can prove disability, and bring safety back to pedestrianised areas.

Regards from Mr Angry