|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Liberty Seguros insurance, the Expat number 1 choice 

Of the many thousands of expatriates living either temporarily or permanently in Spain, Liberty Seguros is the favourite of many who are seeking professional insurance at a sensible price.

Currently, Liberty Seguros have around 175,000 expatriate clients just like you serviced by over 300 brokers and agents who speak your language. It’s so pleasant to have a face-to-face chat with a dedicated expert about all your insurance needs rather than an impersonal, over the telephone chat, with someone you’ll probably never meet.

As Iván Ortego, Expatriate’s Experience Director at Liberty Seguros explains:

“We endeavour to provide the best insurance cover at the best price, so that our customers are covered for as many eventualities as possible. Like every insurer, there is some small print as the saying goes, but we like to keep this to a bare minimum to ensure our customers have not had the ‘wool pulled over their eyes’ so to speak, and to be as transparent as possible. Our brokers/agents can explain this type of detail at the time of contracting the policy in their offices”

Liberty Seguros not only covers your main insurance needs for car and home, but also provides Life cover, Marine, Commercial (office and industrial), Pet, Leisure, like Golf and other pastimes and Sports, Personal and Public Liability too.

Our advertising campaign sums up our philosophy: Better Care, Better Cover, Better Insurance from the market leader.

To contract insurance from Liberty Seguros, you can telephone 902 255 258 for an instant quote and the name of your nearest broker/agent or visit www.libertyexpatriates.es

Alternatively, if you know where your nearest broker is, go along and be sure of a great reception and all the help you need.