|Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Holiday Car Rental 

Recently a friend of mine rented a car at the South Airport on the agreement that, as it had a full tank of petrol at the outset, it had therefore to be left full on departure. On returning to the Airport, my friend went to the petrol station and asked them to fill up the tank. However, the petrol gauge then registered only 3/4 full and no more petrol could be put in the tank as the attendant said it was at the maximum.

He left the car at the drop-off point which was unattended and duly flew back to the U.K. Next day his Bank Account was debited 40 Euros and understan-dably he was most annoyed. However, a few hours later this amount was recredited to his account along with an additional 2 Euros as an apology. Presumably they discovered that the petrol gauge was faulty.

I’m pleased that there are still some honest people on this Island of Tenerife and would like to say “Thankyou”

to the company “Gold Cars” for their honesty and prom-ptness in resolving the matter. Well done “Gold Cars”!

Dorothy M. Mitchell