|Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Canary government pledges to crack down on invasive plants and weeds 

The Canary Government has pledged to “get to grips” with invasive plants and weeds which are causing problems not just in the archipelago but across the world.

A meeting between experts recently took place in Tenerife and a list of the varieties to be tackled is being drawn up, with a plan of how to do so as well.

The meeting was chaired by the Director General of Nature Protection of the Government of the Canary Islands, Sinesia Medina and involved experts from the Canaries and Spain.

The plants are listed as “invasive alien species of concern for the archipelago”. The representatives looking at the problem come from the worlds of biodiversity, agri-culture, animal and plant health and foreign trade.

The Spanish government is requiring all communities to draw up an action plan by January of 2017.

Invasive alien species are an important and growing issue across the European Union because, besides being one of the main sources of biodiversity loss, they also cause significant economic and social dama-ge.

Overall, it is estimated that these invasive alien species cost the European economy more than 12,000 million euros per year, a figure that is constantly growing.

In view of this, the European Union adopted the Regulation on invasive alien species that establishes a legal framework coordinated at EU level to prevent, minimise and mitigate the adverse effects of such species on biodiversity and ecosystem services and to limit their damage on the economy and human health.