|Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Beware of the insurance legislation being enforced by the DGT 

The DGT now have, and have had for some time, at their disposal the means to check that a vehicle has the necessary and obligatory minimum Third Party Insurance to be driven on a public highway.

Their findings have shown that nearly 2 million of vehicles are uninsured throughout Spain and their objective is to stamp out this practice by means of fines, sanctions or the disposal of uninsured vehicles, not dis-similar to the system now in force in the UK. People who drive or leave their vehicles uninsured are not only breaking the law but can face fines ranging from 600 to 3000 euros and the immobilization of the said vehicle. We must remember that driving an uninsured vehicle is potentially putting lives at risk, not only of the driver and its passengers but also other vehicle drivers and pedestrians. During the past year the DGT have imposed some 50,000 sanctions for this offence and in the case of cars the fines have been 1500 euros and for buses and trucks 2800 euros, which are very substantial amounts, especially when you compare this to the actual cost of insurance in the first place.

At present the DGT are monitoring the Insurance register of vehicles and checking cars at various places and have found that approximately 10% of vehicles registered since 1996 are currently uninsured but not in Baja.

Drivers who have not insured their vehicles are causing other drivers to pay higher premiums with normally a total disregard to the potential consequences of their actions. Each insurance policy pays a proportion of their premium to the insurance compensation body (CCS), whose job it is to cover the costs of uninsured vehicles, they then in turn reclaim the money from the uninsured drivers. People who are involved in accidents with uninsured drivers are often caused a great delay of hardness, delay and monetary problems and the process can be very long.

Owners who do not hold the obligatory insurance face fines ranging between 601 to 3005 euros and the seizure of the said vehicle. The amount will be dependent on the type of vehicle and circumstances involved. In 2015 the DGT received 50,000 complaints regarding uninsured drivers.

For example, ridding a moped without the compulsory insurance can have a fine imposed of around 1,000 euros. In cases of motorcycles 1,250 euros; cars 1,500€ and in the case of trucks or buses the amount rises to 2,800 euros. All quite hefty fines which will be perused via Tráfico, if unpaid they then pass through the official notification system and end in embargoes to bank accounts, property and/or vehicles.

According to the law, as mentioned above authorities whom collect the payment of the fine have the obligation to surrender 50 per cent of the penalties levied to the CCS, to aid them in dealing with any compensations required to victims of accidents in the event that the vehicle involved in the accident does not have the appropriate policy in force.

If you have a vehicle that is not used, then the vehicle will need to be placed in baja so as to ensure you do not receive an automatic fine from the 1st of April.