|Thursday, January 28, 2021
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Warning over card scam 

Dear Editor

As we are planning soon to come to Tenerife, a friend recently sent me a Facebook posting warning about an alleged scam at a shop in Los Cristianos.

I won’t name the business as we don’t know if it is true, of course, but I do recall that your paper has had other similar letters or stories.

This particular Facebook posting said they had been scammed out of money because they went into this shop and bought a product.

Apparently, the assistant tried to run their card through the automatic machine. They typed in the amount and then asked the customer to put in their four digit pin number which they did. He then said he couldn’t complete the transaction because the machine appeared to be on a go-slow or was broken.

However, he told them not to worry because the tran-saction would go through later.

I suppose the people in question had no worries about potentially being ripped off and left the shop with their purchase (obviously not with their receipt!).

It wasn’t until they got back home to the UK and checked their bank account that they realised they had been charged a much higher amount than quoted for the product.

They did complain to trading standards who said there wasn’t anything they could do as they had authorised the transaction by putting their code in the machine.

So, true or not, this has to serve as a warning to others. If it is true, shame on the shop for doing this and giving a bad image of Tenerife.

You should never, ever leave a shop without seeing what has gone through the automatic teller and that it is the right amount. Never ever put your pin in the machine and leave.

Similarly, take very special care when putting your pin into bank machines because scams are happening all over the place as well, not necessarily Tenerife. A person could be stood by you and quickly grab the cash in seconds.

So, true or not, this is a cautionary tale.

Name and address supplied, Ex-banker, UK