|Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Warning about bogus gasmen 

Dear Editor,

On February 1st, I was taken in by two men dressed as Disa engineers with official looking uniforms and correct looking IDs and a folder with paper work all marked DISA. The uniforms were blue with ” Disa service installation” over the pocket.

One was aged about 20 – 30 years, tall and good looking, the other about 40 years and not good looking, both Spanish. They carried a black holdall with their tools.

They said that the gas piping was due for renewal. They told my wife that the work would be free.When they finished they deman-ded from me 150 euro, saying the garantee and bill would arrive in the post.

Unfortunately I belived them and paid, as they seemed so official, but the contact number they gave me for Disa was a private number of somebody unknown and not for Disa. We called Disa later and they said they were not from them and they would do services only after notification.

I live in Las Americas. Please publish this as a warning to others and if you receive other sightings or victims please give them my e-mail address/tel. no. so perhaps we can get a better idea of anything that may help stop them.

I have been to the Police and denounced them.

Peter Reed   Editor’s note. Please contact us by email if you have had something similar happen to you and we can put you in touch with this reader.